The Virtual Pagan: Exploring Wicca and Paganism Through the Internet Издательство: Weiser Books, 2002 г Мягкая обложка, 192 стр ISBN 1-57863-253-6 инфо 773g.

The World Wide Web Its power rests in its ability to build communities, share information, and transcend great distances And as practitioners of the craft have discovered, its cutting-edge technology has theаузкц ability to weave centuries' old magic with hyperlinks and fiber optics For individuals interested in Wicca, The Virtual Pagan offers practical tools for getting connected via the Internet As author Lisa McSherry writes, "Where once we were prevented from reachiбдаццng out, for fear of prosecution, we are now free to worship in the safety and privacy of cyberspace No longer are we bound by geography in our search for like-minded Pagans" Divided into three helpful sections, The Virtual Pagan explains to readers how to get online and find a group that meets their needs The founder of her own online coven, JaguarMoon, McSherry also shares her insights into keeping the circle vital, techniques for proper email etiquette, suggestions for how tбосмйo build a cyber altar, as well as steps to prepare for and conduct meaningful rituals online From privacy to practice, software to Sabbat rituals, McSherry offers a wealth of resources, including organizational tips, and a glossary of more than 200 pagan and technological terms Автор Lisa McSherry.