Non-Photorealistic Rendering Издательство: A K Peters, Ltd , 2001 г Твердый переплет, 250 стр ISBN 1568811330 инфо 2666g.

Many computer graphics researchers are exploring non-photorealistic rendering techniques as an alternative to realistic rendering Defined by what it is not, non-photorealistic rendering brings art and scienceауйкг together, concentrating less on the processand more on communicating the content of an image Techniques that have long been used by artists can be applied to computer graphics to emphasize subtle attributes, and to omit extraneous information This book provides anбдвдэ overview of the publishedresearch on non-photorealistic rendering in order to categorize and distill the current research into a body of usable techniques A summary of non-photorealistic rendering algorithms, as well as pseudo-code for producing some of the images, is included Авторы Брюс Гооч Bruce Gooch Эми Гооч Amy Gooch.