Advent: Rising (XBOX NTSC) CD-ROM, 2005 г Издатель: Majesco Games; Разработчик: GlyphX Games пластиковый DVD-BOX Что делать, если программа не запускается? инфо 3664g.

"Advent Rising" is a third-person action adventure presented in stunning cinematic form, delivering an astounding array of gameplay experiences The first in a trilogy of games, "Advent Risingqауклф" sweeps players up in an ever-evolving series of amazing events, all within a rich story created in collaboration with award-winning science fiction author Orson Scott Card Features: Don't just watch-play: Immersive action right in the heart of thrilling cinematбдгбэic sequences Unprecedented gameplay featuring Hollywood-quality graphics Switch views: Choose first- or third-person points-of-view Next-generation Unreal technology: Integrated with the Karma physics engine Sweeping storyline: In collaboration with award-winning sci-fi author Orson Scott Card Downloadable content: From Xbox Live Amazing variety of superhuman powers: Including energy blasts, levitation, and energy shields Awesome weapons: All with unique alternate-fire caботеяpabilities Incredible vehicles: Including human and alien assault vehicles, hover tanks, and flying vessels Versatile control scheme: Allows for acrobatic movement and precise targeting of enemies with quick switching between weapons and powers Dolby Digital 51 support: Brings each scene to life Soundtrack performed by the Los Angeles Orchestra with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Языки интерфейса: английский Веб-сайт издателя: wwwmajescogamescom Системные требования: Платформа XBOX (американская версия) ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ! Первый российский журнал ТОЛЬКО о видеоиграх - Videogames INSIDE.