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The Emo Diaries 8 My Very Last Breath Серия: The Emo Diaries инфо 4806g.

Единственный в своем роде сборник правильной EMO музыки со всего мира Содержание 1 Superstud Kelly8 2 Just Listen "Long Since Forgotten" 3 White For Poison, Black For Purity "Fadiаулоцng Fast" 4 Guided Tour Of A Dead Man's House "Logh" 5 Fourth Rung Of The Ladder "Down-To-Earth Approach" 6 Danger Drive "Hateen" 7 Of Our Disregard "The Colour Blue" 8 Regret "The Day Action Bandqбдгэо" 9 No Air "A Season Drive" 10 Dreams Like Knives "The Solo Project" 11 Let Go "The Home Team" 12 A Mere Accident "Slow Coming Day" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Kelly8 "Long Since Forgotten" "Fading Fast".

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