Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs: Enhancing the Performance of Your Enterprising Nonprofit 2002 г Суперобложка, 360 стр ISBN 0-471-15068-1 Язык: Английский инфо 6542a.

The idea of social entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular as nonprofit leaders search for new ways to serve their missions and generate funds for their organizations In their book Enterprising Nonpаужтъrofits, the authors offered new ways to apply the lessons of business entrepreneurship to social enterprises This book enriches the toolkit offered in the first book by providing additional tools for thinking strategically about value creation, income generation, and бдаечgrowth "Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs" focuses on improving your entrepreneurial effectiveness It integrates the latest thinking on business entrepreneurship with the very best ideas about nonprofit management in a practical and accessible package that requires no prior business training It includes interviews with many of today's most successful social entrepreneurs and profiles of highly effective enterprising nonprofits It also presents real-world models foбосефr applying the book's concepts to your nonprofit's day-to-day management and strategic positioning The goal of the social entrepreneur is to make the world a better place, and you can do that more effectively with "Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs" Using these tools, forward-thinking nonprofit leaders can be more enterprising and have greater positive, long-term impact in their chosen fields All the fundamental issues of social entrepreneurship are discussed, including ways to create value strategically, grow in new directions, and manage your changing organization Формат издания: 18,5 см х 26 см Авторы J Gregory Dees Jed Emerson Питер Экономи Peter Economy.

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