Performance Appraisal : State of the Art in Practice (Jossey-Bass Business & Management (Hardcover)) elevate and refine their craft инфо 6547a.

A research-based guide to performance appraisal written for real-world practitioners Part of the successful SIOP (Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology) series, this book fulfills the practitioаужухner?s long-standing need for a research-based guide to the best performance appraisal practices currently in use Addressing an issue vital to all organizations, it introduces readers to thought and theories on the cutting-edge of their profession Plus, it provides nuбдажзts-and-bolts guidance to a broad spectrum of timely issues such as legality, fairness, team settings, and incentive programs A seamless fusion of state-of-the-art research and practical application, it will prove of great interest to both academics and practitioners in the field looking for ways to elevate and refine their craft.